Maryel Henderson of Yoe Pa

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Maryel Henderson

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Being a strong willed child kept me forever in time-out. Supplied with stacks of paper and a box of crayons, my art career was launched at the early age of three. I was born in Pennsylvania,an artist with a vivid imagination in my DNA and as an adult, I strive to capture it all with paint. I work with mixes of media on canvas, using whatever materials I need to convey my ideas, often including gold leaf, string, or dress patterns. I begin a painting using liquid acrylics and inks in a wet-in-wet technique and finish with oils for fine details in the focal area. My paintings usually contain a surprise, a twist of nature or a touch of humor...a baby chick nestled in a bowl of cotton balls, sea dragons hanging out in a candy store,a family of geese watching a John Wayne movie at the drive-in. I see things IN things that nobody else sees and then I paint them. People usually stop and study my pieces for a while and I almost always get a smile. Painting is my passion and people are my love.