Maryel Henderson

Giclee prints are available upon request.

Starry Knight
20" x 30"- Mixed media
Limited edition Giclee prints available upon request.
I often try to relate to the subjects I paint. If I were a sea dragon, this is what my life would look like, floating around in a Van Gogh setting. Having painted her in a Van Gogh-ish technique, it is very different from my other sea dragon paintings. The church represents 2 home, which is a renovated 1800's country church, and my faith.

Worlds Apart
30" x 22"-Mixed Media
This is a painting about looking at things from a fresh perspective, how small we sometimes feel in this huge world we live in and significant each one of us is!

24" x 48"-Mixed Media
This is a love story about two souls meeting, so enamored with each other, locked into each other's gaze, that nothing around them matters. They are oblivious to their surroundings, even the potential of a map leading them to a hidden treasure. The simplicity of their love is all they need.

20"x 20"- Mixed Media
This painting represents my granddaughter, Freya. She is still forming in her mother's womb, floating in an unknown world, soon to emerge into her new life to mesmerize and enchant us all.

Under The Seahorse
11" x 11"- Liquid Acrylic
A playful piece that depicts simple beauty in a complex world. You can almost feel his hesitation to descend into the complicated life awaiting his arrival.

Jonah's Dream
24" x 20"- Mixed media
I have vast illusions of what lies in the depths of the ocean waters. If you can imagine for a moment... what it might be like in the belly of a whale. I picture Jonah, with eyes closed,dreaming of his spiral exit from darkness into the light of day. The dreams that most certainly would give him the hope he needed to endure his situation and eventually overcome.

Confetti Dreams
24" x 38"-Mixed Media
Imagining for a moment what life might be like for a goldfish...playful, colorful, not a care in the world, floating through life.

24" x 24"- Mixed Media on Board
This is a painting of my Doctor's pet chinchilla, Lulu. I placed her in an imaginary world of color and shapes. She really does not care where she is, I imagine, as long as she has her apple.

Collision Course
10" x 10"- Liquid Acrylic
In many of my paintings I add a little humor by asking "What if?". This was one of those moments where you realize sometimes size does matter.

Energy Suckers
34" x 22"- Liquid Acrylic on Archival w/c paper
I did this painting when I was going through a time in my life where I was being pulled in many directions by people I loved. I am the vat and the cups and vessels represent people in my life who were draining me. A day of nature and peace brought me back to a full energy status but I thought the experience significant enough to paint it.

Rumors Take Flight
28" x 24"- Mixed Media on Yupo $1,680
A friend was going through a situation where some ugly rumors were devastating her. It was hard for me to think of anything else as I witnessed the despair in her life and I painted this piece to depict the crippling effects of rumors.

Bo Peep and the Moon Jumpers
30" x 28"- Mixed media
I live beside a farm that I call the "Square Cow Farm" because of their cattle's angular shapes.They intrigued me for weeks until I finally got permission to photograph them, along with some sheep; the intention being to someday paint them. But because I was so excited about getting started with it, I put the painting I was currently doing on hold and began with renewed passion. As the painting evolved, I kept getting flashbacks of a book of children's fables I had as a child. I tried to recreate it, from memory, since the book has been gone for ages. This painting evokes emotions in me every time I see it and is one of my favorite paintings.

Night Cap
27" x 27"- Mixed Media on Yupo $1,830
While experimenting with inks on yupo one day I went to lunch waiting for the ink to dry. When I returned, the ink had shifted and this bird, except for the added beak and legs, had evolved. I wanted the bird to land on something and while discussing this with a friend he came up with the idea of the martini glass, as he was drinking a martini at the time. I instantly could visualize it and carried it through.

Exodus 8:3
46" x 28"- Liquid Acrylic
This is my depiction of the plague of frogs documented in Exodus, only in the early 1900s in rural Pennsylvania.

"Oakley Goes Hawaiian"
40" x 22"- Liquid Acrylic on paper
Our dalmatian puppy, Oakley, had an air about him that convinced you he was royalty. So I painted him to look like the prince that he was, in his favorite leather chair.
Giclee print available upon request.

"Chicken Soup"
40" x 30"- Liquid Acrylic on paper

I came across these cocky roosters of my grandson's strutting around an old can in the barnyard. I thought how ironic it would be if it were a chicken soup can, so that is how I painted it.
16" x 31" giclee print available upon request.

48" x 60"- Oil on stretched canvas
While visiting my son one day, his dog Titus got up on the couch beside me and struck a pose...long enough for me to take several nice shots with my phone. I worked on it for weeks and almost had it finished before I showed it to my son. He just smiled and said, "That's mine." At least I get to see it any time I want and it will help us remember Titus long after he is gone.

Stroll in the Park
30" x 24"- Mixed Media

Running With Angels
32" x 40"- Liquid Acrylic